Wit Waltman was born in West Hills, NY on May 31st, 1981. He has since then stayed opinionated, self-important, and unflappably intolerant of other peoples opinions, due in large part to the over indulgence of his doting grandmother who raised him. As a boy, he could do no wrong and has since then discovered that he is the center of the universe, as everything revolves around him.

And then, there’s his good friend Art…
(possibly the only person who can stand him.)

Art Bulinski was born in Camden, NJ on March 26th, 1982. His destiny has since then been to flunk out of art school. To punish the world for his failure, Art decided to become a cartoonist. As you can see from his offerings, Art can’t draw his way out of a paper-bag, and his sense of decorum within the written word is abysmal.

And then, there’s the woman’s voice… (to balance out the male-ego’s.)

Clare Angelica is a contributing fiction writer brought in to aid the boys, hoping they don’t get too out of control.

Relax, sit back, and enjoy the ride – hopefully finding a few laughs along the way.

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  1. I’ve finally found it! A blog that I can read religiously and empathize with every word. Art and Wit are two of my favorite personalities and I’m so glad they grace my screen with their words of wisdom and their drawings of delight.

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