Folding clothes, towels, sheets, blankets, and other miscellaneous things... What is it: cultural, genetic, innately bred, or taught to women in some secret place men aren't allowed to go? I can't fold things for the life of me. They always turn out crooked, wrinkled, unbalanced, and generally in a state of disarray. Women I have... Continue Reading →

Pet Peeve #3

Handicapped Tags. What a joke. I know some people really need them. Unfortunately, I can't find any statistics that tell us how many handicapped tags there are in the country. One thing I did find is that a lot of them are forgeries. They are also used by people who don't need them. Which of course takes... Continue Reading →

Who’s Left

No one, even the Indigenous people, Native Americans, Indians, Red Men, etc... came over the land bridge from Siberia. This includes the Eskimos also. I don't know any other names for them, sorry. Everyone "historically" came from somewhere else on the planet. So, if you want to send people back to where they came from... Continue Reading →

Degree, Schmagree

A regular old college 4-year program can cost up to 400,000 dollars. It is reassuring that most of us are rich enough to foot the bill. College debt is at 1.3 trillion dollars with 44 million borrowers in 2017. This could lead our country into the next financial crisis within 12-18 months experts say. How... Continue Reading →

Remember that Cliché, “Half of the Marriages End in Divorce”?

It gets thrown out there time and time again, almost as if to prove some ambiguous point. Well, the truth is, the divorce rate has been dropping every year since 1980. And is at a low of about 36% of first time marriages ending in divorce. So, the next time a well meaning friend throws... Continue Reading →

Alzheimer’s Disease, Those are Two Scary Words

Alzheimer's Disease was named after Alois Alzheimer. He was a German psychiatrist and pathologist. There are about 30 million people worldwide with AD. It usually starts around 65 years old. However, about 5% of AD starts as "early onset Alzheimer's." About 6% of the population will develop AD. It is one of the most costly... Continue Reading →

22% of Americans Fear the World Will End in Their Lifetime

How about Clyde Scott, he builds doomsday prepper shelters in Texas and his business is up 500% since Donald Trump took office from people that fear a nuclear war. He made 9 million in sales last year and he employs 25 people. His biggest seller is 500 sq ft and sells for $125,000.00. These shelters... Continue Reading →

It Seems Like Anyone Can Run for President Nowadays

There's talk of running Oprah in the next election. How about running some actors that have at least played the president in movies? ...Like Billy Bob Thorton, Luke Wilson, Mark Harmon, Alan Alda, Dennis Q'uaid, Kelsey Grammar, Danny Glover, Tim Robbins, Michael Keaton, Leslie Nielson, Gene Hackman, Chris Rock, Lloyd Bridges, George Clooney, Terry Crews,... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk About Credit Cards!

Art drew this cartoon so I thought I'd put some text with it... U.S. credit card debt at the time of the great crash of 2008 was 1.022 trillion dollars. Our low since then was in January of 2015 at 884.8 billion dollars. Well, guess what? We're right back up to 1.01 billion dollars as... Continue Reading →

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