Conservation of Water

You've heard the saying, "Save water - shower together." Well, the average guy showering by himself is 4.5 minutes - at 2 gallons a minute, which is the new showerhead norm, that is 9 gallons of water. Now, shower with your partner and the average shower is 22 minutes. That's 44 gallons of water. Divide... Continue Reading →


Problem? What Problem?

I don't have a drinking problem, I have no problem drinking at all! (Lyrics from a Country Song) Or maybe we do. "Hazardous" drinking has taken a big jump in recent years. That means 4 or more drinks for women and 5 or more drinks for men. Binge drinking can lead to lots of problems such... Continue Reading →

Catholic Priests and Little Boys, What a Mess

Only the Catholic Church is brave enough to release statistics on sexual abuse cases. No other denomination releases statistics including the Boy Scouts (which I've written about previously). Experts feel that the abuse of children doesn't have any larger incidences by Catholic Priests than by any other religion. However, Pope Francis has stated that 1... Continue Reading →

Healthy Girls Don’t Hang There…

Guys, if you want to meed the cool, healthy girls, quit going to the bar. You need to go to the local juice bar (or yoga class). That's where the girls with non-toxic livers hangout. They do all of those "cleansing" drinks with strange names and concoctions. How about beet with parsley and ginger root?... Continue Reading →


Well, OCD or Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder ... what a lovely thing. It is characterized by (obsessions) unreasonable thoughts or fears and (compulsions) that lead you to do repetitive behaviors. OCD centers around themes such as germ phobias or never having enough of something and the fear that you might run out of it. This sets up... Continue Reading →


Folding clothes, towels, sheets, blankets, and other miscellaneous things... What is it: cultural, genetic, innately bred, or taught to women in some secret place men aren't allowed to go? I can't fold things for the life of me. They always turn out crooked, wrinkled, unbalanced, and generally in a state of disarray. Women I have... Continue Reading →

Pet Peeve #3

Handicapped Tags. What a joke. I know some people really need them. Unfortunately, I can't find any statistics that tell us how many handicapped tags there are in the country. One thing I did find is that a lot of them are forgeries. They are also used by people who don't need them. Which of course takes... Continue Reading →

Who’s Left

No one, even the Indigenous people, Native Americans, Indians, Red Men, etc... came over the land bridge from Siberia. This includes the Eskimos also. I don't know any other names for them, sorry. Everyone "historically" came from somewhere else on the planet. So, if you want to send people back to where they came from... Continue Reading →

Degree, Schmagree

A regular old college 4-year program can cost up to 400,000 dollars. It is reassuring that most of us are rich enough to foot the bill. College debt is at 1.3 trillion dollars with 44 million borrowers in 2017. This could lead our country into the next financial crisis within 12-18 months experts say. How... Continue Reading →

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