Hunting Season

“Bill I’ll take the one on the left”
-Art Bulinski

Well, we just got through another hunting season where lots of men and a few women go out into the wilderness, or their backyards, with big rifles and shoot various creatures. Including (but not limited to…) elk, deer, antelope, mountain lions, ducks, geese, mourning doves, partridges, pheasants, rabbits, squirrels, and coyotes. Oh, and don’t forget the occasional cow, horse, llama, and other hunters (by accident of course).

It seems every season hunters shoot each other and also non-hunters out for a stroll. National statistics are impossible to find, but it looks on average that every hunting state has 8-10 shooting incidents. That’s not much of a statistic considering there are millions of hunters out there across the country.

By the way, hunting shootings have declined drastically since the mandatory “hunter’s safety programs” were initiated. Well, if you’ve got to shoot something, be safe about it.



Donald’s off the Reservation.
“White man speak with forked tongue.”
“But drilling for oil here will benefit you.”
-Art Bulinski

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