“I hope he’s a better kid this time. Last life I heard he was a real Brat”
-Art Bulinski

Friends are having a baby – if they weren’t so cute we’d put them out on the iceberg.

I guess we should be thankful, that’s how all 8 billion of us got here. A huge part of the planet believes in reincarnation, which means we come back over and over again. To learn some sort of lessons, they say, and to clean up karma (whatever that is). What an interesting concept. If I’m coming back (after this life) I want to bring back all the knowledge I learned over the years about going out with girls. So I can date the head-cheerleader and not be that geeky, four-eyed, zit faced, greasy-haired, bad dresser I was this time around.

I do hope they still have pocket protectors though. My ink pens always seem to drip into my shirt pocket.

AH, one can dream…


Journalists enemy of the people!
“Get Him”
Donald runs for it
-Art Bulinski

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