Remodel Do’s and Don’ts

“I think the house looked better before we started”
-Art Bulinski

Two New Jersey computer geeks remodeling a house… Impossible you say, well, just about.

Rule #1 – Don’t do it.

Rule #2 – Ignore Rule #1 and dig in.

Remodel the interior first. Use the stuff they call “mud” on the walls, spread it around with a big stick or a mud towel (whatever that is). Then paint things with a roller. You don’t need a pole to hold the roller, the paint will come off of your arm, head, hair, clothes, glasses, and teeth in no time with water. Unless you used enamel, in which case you’ll smell like paint thinner for a week. Also, when you paint, you won’t need a drop cloth, but you’ll need to replace the carpet.

Onto the plumbing… It’s quite easy, just stick the hingey pipes and stuff together like in the drawing and voila! Then turn on the water and duct tape all of the leaks before they ruin all of the painting and new carpet you’ve put down.

So then you’re pretty well done. Now, onto…

Rule #3 – Always fix the roof leaks first OR you’ll have to go back to Rule #2 and start over.

What fun.


Trump Moon Tower
“Melania what a great view from here”
Investors wanted
-Art Bulinski

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