Cajun Style

-Art Bulinski

How about that Louisiana Cooking!? Cajun vs Creole… Wow, what a difference.

Creole uses tomatoes and proper Cajun doesn’t. To simplistic. Creole would be called city food and Cajun country food. Without modern refrigeration, Cajun’s learned to be resourceful in their cooking and used every part of the animal. Being country (swamp) people, they learned to cook a variety of foods not normally eaten. How about gator (that’s alligator for city folks). Then there’s frog legs, crawfish, possum, and squirrels, along with various fish such as catfish and carp. Yum-yum, deep-fried frog legs!

Sprinkle the frog legs with salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper then dip each frog leg in the milk-egg mixture and toll it in the flour-garlic powder mixture and coat it thoroughly. Fry those babies up in hot fat until golden brown (about 2 minutes) and ENJOY!


Trump wins – America loses
-Art Bulinski

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