Conservation of Water

Think of all the water we’re saving
Al Gore will be proud of us
-Art Bulinski

You’ve heard the saying, “Save water – shower together.”

Well, the average guy showering by himself is 4.5 minutes – at 2 gallons a minute, which is the new showerhead norm, that is 9 gallons of water. Now, shower with your partner and the average shower is 22 minutes. That’s 44 gallons of water. Divide that in half because there is two of you and you still come up with 22 gallons of water per person. So, as you can see, it is more ecologically correct to shower by yourself.

But, who cares – think of all of the fun you’ll miss. The breakdown of water usage per day is as follows: 11% is public use, 5% is industry, 3% is agriculture and mining, 34% is used for irrigation, and a whooping 48% is used to produce thermo-electric power. Fear not Colorado, the average person uses between 76 and 100 gallons of water per day.

So, shower away, guilt free.


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