Catholic Priests and Little Boys, What a Mess

“Congregation, Let Us Prey…”
-Art Bulinski

Only the Catholic Church is brave enough to release statistics on sexual abuse cases. No other denomination releases statistics including the Boy Scouts (which I’ve written about previously). Experts feel that the abuse of children doesn’t have any larger incidences by Catholic Priests than by any other religion. However, Pope Francis has stated that 1 in 50 priests is a pedophile.

So, how about the latest revelations of Catholic Priests groping and abusing Nuns… I couldn’t imagine from day one that all Catholic Priests liked little boys and none of them liked women. So it is out in the open now. Nuns are starting to speak out about the sexual abuse they have endured and the out-of-wedlock pregnancies at the hands of the Priests.

Stay tuned, there are no statistics out yet, but you know they are coming.


All Trumped Up:
“Donald hows your wall coming?”
“What about the miles of tunnels already there?”
-Art Bulinski

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