Healthy Girls Don’t Hang There…

New Age Pick-up Line:
“Hey Babe how about a spinach smoothy?”
“Yea dude I can dig it.”
-Art Bulinski

Guys, if you want to meed the cool, healthy girls, quit going to the bar. You need to go to the local juice bar (or yoga class). That’s where the girls with non-toxic livers hangout. They do all of those “cleansing” drinks with strange names and concoctions. How about beet with parsley and ginger root? You’ll think you’re dying the next morning from all of the blood in your poo, until you realize it is from all the beets you consumed the day before. Or how about kale, tumeric, chia seeds, banana, and watermelon? I’d add some good, old marijuana to help choke it down so you can forget that you drank it.

If you want a girlfriend that likes to climb rocks, sleep on the ground, ride a bicycle to work, do pilates and yoga all before noon and have colorful, non-alcoholic liquids for lunch – the juice bar is for you.

Sorry, there’s no statistics on how many juice bars or juice bar addicts there are in the country…


All Trumped Up:
Will Donald have to export his import wives…
Good Quesiton?
-Art Bulinski

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