“I’ll just rummage through and find something…”
(Dirty Clothes) – (Clean Clothes)
-Art Bulinski

Folding clothes, towels, sheets, blankets, and other miscellaneous things… What is it: cultural, genetic, innately bred, or taught to women in some secret place men aren’t allowed to go?

I can’t fold things for the life of me. They always turn out crooked, wrinkled, unbalanced, and generally in a state of disarray. Women I have know on the other hand, every one of them can fold with sharp corners, unwrinkled, and perfectly stackable. This is a total mystery to me as I am sure it is to most men. Maybe science will discover that men don’t have a folding gene.

That would explain a lot.

-Wit Waltman

75-year-old Lady: “Whats that orange thing in the White House”
-Art Bulinski

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