Pet Peeve #3

Handicapped Tag: Most Abused Sign in the Country
“I’ll just sprint in and get bullets real quick.”
-Art Bulinski

Handicapped Tags. What a joke. I know some people really need them. Unfortunately, I can’t find any statistics that tell us how many handicapped tags there are in the country. One thing I did find is that a lot of them are forgeries. They are also used by people who don’t need them. Which of course takes up a parking space of someone who truly needs that spot (this really touches on my pet peeve). Your handicapped tag or place card is issued through your DMV. Rules are not consistent throughout the country and vary greatly from state to state.

I guess the bottom line is when you go to Wal-Mart and see a 16-year-old driver jump out of a 1989 Buick by themselves parked in the handicapped parking slot and run into the store — that might qualify as handicapped abuse.

What do you think?

-Wit Waltman


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