Degree, Schmagree

PHD Physicist at Work:
“Fries or baked potato with your ribs?”
-Art Bulinski

A regular old college 4-year program can cost up to 400,000 dollars. It is reassuring that most of us are rich enough to foot the bill. College debt is at 1.3 trillion dollars with 44 million borrowers in 2017. This could lead our country into the next financial crisis within 12-18 months experts say.

How are all of those college students using that hard earned degree? Well, 27% of them are working in their field. 62% of them are working in a field that doesn’t even require a college degree. Well, I think I might be a machinist – that is the number one job that needs skilled workers.

Think about it.

-Wit Waltman

All Trumped Up:
White House Chatter –
“Vladimir lets have a sleep over”
“Sounds great Trump You make the popcorn”
-Art Bulinski

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