22% of Americans Fear the World Will End in Their Lifetime

Maybe the Doomsday Preppers are Right!
“Harriet, pass the ammunication and spam.”
-Art Bulinski

How about Clyde Scott, he builds doomsday prepper shelters in Texas and his business is up 500% since Donald Trump took office from people that fear a nuclear war. He made 9 million in sales last year and he employs 25 people. His biggest seller is 500 sq ft and sells for $125,000.00. These shelters have bathrooms, kitchens, air filtration systems, solar power, hidden doors, water purifiers, and underground water systems with everything off the grid.

I wonder if the neighbors would get suspicious when we dig a giant hole in my back yard? And it would be just my luck: I wouldn’t be home when “the big one” happens.

If the world ends in my lifetime, why bother? “The world ended.”


“Hey Wit, are these cartoons full of beans?”
“No, I don’t think so.”
-Son of Art

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