This Country is a Country of Work-Aholics

Art Cracks Under Deadline Pressure
-Art Bulinski

A large percent of the us work 50-60 hours a week to make ends meet. And still can’t make that happen. Years ago there was a quote about keeping up with the “Jones’s”. Well, who are they anyway and what makes them so great? They have a bigger house, newer cars, 1.3 children who go to private schools, a boat, a motor-home, 4-wheeler ATV’s, and 2 Harley Davidson motorcycles. Oh, and don’t forget about the in-ground pool (not that cheezy plastic one that kills the grass in the backyard). The Jones’s have the perfect marriage. He is strikingly handsome and buffed. She has no wrinkles, perfect boobs, and a perfect complexion — and is still slender after having the 1.3 children. Who are perfect children by the way … they eat with silverware and say “please” and “thank you” with those perfect teeth smiles.

What a dream to be more like them. I guess I’ll have to kick working up to 80 hours a week to have all of that wonderful stuff.



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