The Healthier Choice

Art’s out taking a walk!
-Art Bulinski

A great many of my friends stopped watching the news after the last election. As for me, I haven’t watched the news or read a newspaper in over 20 years.

Gee-whiz – Why – First of all the “news” is biased. Second it’s all bad; where’s the good stuff? Something good must have happened somewhere today…

The news is meant to frighten you and keep you in a state of fear. Most people, if you think about it, are driven by fear and the news stations exploit this weakness within our characters.

You say, “Well, how are you going to know what’s going on in the world?” — Don’t worry about that, one of your fearful, distressed, depressed friends can’t wait to come up to you and inform you of the latest horrible incident going on in the world or across the street.

The average person spends 4 hours a day watching TV, most of which is the news.

Want to “make America great again”? — Turn off the news, release the death-grip on your remote control, and step away (far, far away).


All Trumped Up: “Why is everybody picking on me?”
-Art Bulinski

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