IS Donald Trump Mentally Ill?

ART your a horrible artist.
Talk to the hand!
-Art Bulinski

The title, “IS Donald Trump Mentally Ill?“, has been asked by Republicans and Democrats alike. That question can only be answered by a qualified psychiatrist (but good luck finding one that isn’t on his payroll).

BUT, what do we know? — At press conferences Trump blatantly lies on issues, goes into angry tirades, and, at times, seems totally unhinged. He also makes threats such as “blowing up a Russian ship” and how about his accusation that President Obama “had my wires tapped” in Trump Tower.

“We don’t need a shrink to help decide if Donald is fit to serve.” All we need is “common sense.” However, common sense seems to be a rare commodity in this country.


All Trumped Up:
“Donald’s Life”
Pit of Dispair / Cliffs of Insanity
-Art Bulinski

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