All We Need is a Pot and a Phone

What about a country where your judged by the size of your television…
“Wow, a 98″ big screen – awesome!”
-Art Bulinski

The television ownership in the U.S. is basically a God-given-right. Up until recently owning a TV set was more important that having an indoor flush toilet.

99.3% of households now have an indoor flush toilet — with television ownership down to 96.7% of the households.

That means pooping indoors has now become more important than being pacified in front of the tube or tubeless as televisions are made now.

So now the pressing question is: how many people have televisions in their bathrooms so they can watch while on the pot?

BUT, really the question is how many people have replaced televisions all together with their computers and smart phones? — because you can take those devices LITERALLY anywhere…


All Trumped Up:
First President Tweet:
“Your all jerks. Your all mean. I don’t like you.”
Hopefully the Last!
-Art Bulinski

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