Well, Why Do We Bother?


We’re back one week and you’re at it again… Art can’t draw, Art can’t spell, Art’s a nut job. Well, you’re right. BUT, think about it… What’s the first classes dropped in public schools when the budget cuts take effect? Art classes, band, and PE. All classes that can enhance your life long after you are out of school.

Doing art work and playing an instrument are good for your right brain, and who couldn’t use more creativity in their life?

Physical Education or PE should instill in you a lifetime love of doing exercise of some sort — with the U.S. obesity rate at 35.7% of the population which is more than one-third of us, almost three out of four men in this country are overweight or obese. It boggles the mind we live in a country of lazy, non-exercising fattys. If you’re not overweight look to your left and right, the person on either side of you is.

Then ask yourself… When was the last time I used trigonometry anyway?

-Wit Waltman



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