Capital Punishment

Capital Punishment, a nice way of saying that society condones murdering people that murder people.

This lethal injection thing, what a mess – people writhing around for 45 minutes, dying slowly, and in great pain. What a social uproar. And how about the guillotine? It worked great for France, off with your head! Now that would seem to kill you pretty quick, don’t you think? Or the firing squad, very romantic – a gorgeous girl clinging to you, smoking your last cigarette, looking up at the wistful clouds in an otherwise blue sky…they drag her off of you with much crying and screaming of your name and professions of her undying love. You utter you last words “…___________________…” And then, bang-bang-bang-bang-bang-bang, and it’s all over…. The gorgeous woman is left clinging to your lifeless leg and sobbing uncontrollably. Then there’s the hanging – a little leg jerking, some gurgling throat sounds, some eye bulging, and it’s over.

Of course, if our country insists on using lethal injection, all we have to do is call up the neighborhood veterinarian. They’d just put you on a scale, weigh you, then put the shot in your leg and voila, you go to sleep instantly and are dead in no time at all – problem solved.

The death penalty is legal in 32 states. In the year 2010, 39 people were executed in this country with 3,108 on death row. Texas performed the most executions by far with Oklahoma having the highest rate of execution per capita.

But, of course it’s not a contest, or is it…?

-Wit Waltman

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