Wow, Look at This!

Iraq I and Iraq II … now we’re gearing up for Iraq III.

Won’t we ever learn to mind our own business??

Iraq one – they invaded Kuwait, starting the great, noble war to free the oil. But, we don’t take out Saddam Insane – and as my dad said, a WWII vet by the way, “If we don’t take out the king, we’ll be back.” Iraq two was to take out those weapons of mass destruction…. What a joke – all we found was a few old AK 47s and a hand full of hand-grenades.

What was wrong with Saddam Insane anyway – the man kept the tribes under control because they were all in dire fear for their lives. Now look at the place, one tribe fighting another for control of the country, just like they’ve been doing for 1400 years. Who sticks their foot right in the middle of it, why the U.S. of course – making the world a safer place for oil shipments is a never ending task.

There are 150 recognized tribes in Iraq with 30 of them being the most powerful. Some of these tribes predate Muhammad who died June 8th 632 A.D. Muhammad united the tribes into a single religion under Islam.

So, a big thank you to Busch I and Busch II for getting us into this extraordinary mess!

-Wit Waltman



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