So you think camping is fun…how about kayaking?

I was forced to try this water sport on my summer vacation – imagine being stuffed into this tiny, little boat on a very large lake…. This unstable little creation can tip over at any moment without any help from you. I’m stuffed into this life-jacket that feels like a straight-jacket and makes me “sweat-like-a-pig.”

OK, so I’m out on the water paddling away and I notice a swarm of horseflies in the boat with me…. I spend most of my quality water fighting them off as they are trying to bite me to death. Then, the wind comes up to gale red-flag force. I am down wind of where we put in, so I must paddle for my life to get back to my starting point. Well, I make it back totally exhausted. I stand up to get out of the boat and fall over into the mud. A fitting end to another great outdoor adventure.

With 8 million kayakers in the U.S., I guess someone enjoys it….

-Wit Waltman



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