Summer’s Here

Well, Mag and I thought I’d write to let you know I’ve taken the summer off!

I’ve tried my hand at camping in a fifty-year-old camp trailer called a Red Drake, or Red Dale, or something like that…. Quite an experience – the toilet was outside behind a tree, of course this is not a tree large enough to actually hide your bare-bottom from the sunshine. The shower was a giant enema bag hung from a tree. Again, my naked body exposed to the elements…. Ah, the mosquitoes as large as humming birds swarming around my head, looking for any patch of bare skin to snack on the life juices from my body.

Still, not sure why people in droves leave the comfort of their safe, warm homes to go into the wilderness…to smell like wet dogs and wood smoke…. Of the 59 National Parks, the top 10 in 2012 had a total attendance of 37,872,476 visitors. Maybe there is something to this camping thing….

After all, maybe I’ll try again.

-Wit Waltman



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