In response to my car article many of you asked, what about motorcycles ? Well, OK I’ve owned14 0f them over the years. Two were drag racing  bikes and a various assortment of other bikes.

You know I love statistics so here goes…. There are 8,437,000 registered motorcycles in the U S. There were  4,957 motorcycle deaths in 2012. 33% of deaths were alcohol related – that’s one in three by the way. In 40% of the deaths, the person wasn’t wearing a helmet. Your odds of dying are 35 times higher on a motorcycle than in a car. 38% of motorcyclists were killed by cars turning left. Forty-two years old was the average death age of a motorcycle rider. Appalling, alarming, shocking!

Then I found 13 things more deadly than motorcycle crashes:

  1. 25,692 deaths from alcohol poisoning
  2. 440,000 deaths related to tobacco use
  3. 48,614 deaths from the flu
  4. 7,247 deaths using the phone while driving
  5. 25,000 deaths from falling
  6. 39,000 deaths from poisons and prescription drugs
  7. 49,000 deaths from second-hand smoke
  8. 31,940 deaths from guns
  9. 98,000 deaths from medical errors in hospitals
  10. 20,000 deaths during sex
  11. 17,000 deaths from drug over-doses
  12. 400,000 deaths related to being over-weight
  13. 9,000 deaths occurring in the bathroom

How about that?

Maybe, motorcycles weren’t as dangerous as some of you thought.… What a way to go – doing something you love.

-Wit Waltman



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