New Orleans

My fans have been ranting…where have you been, Wit!?

Well…. First of all, I don’t get paid for this, so I don’t have a deadline – I’ll write these when I want too, so there! And second, I went to New Orleans for a 10 Day Vacation. And yes, I brought Art along with me. We hadn’t been there before so it was an exploratory trip.

Bourbon Street…what can I say…. Every third building it seems is a bar with every kind of music you can imagine. I tried to dance Cajun style to no avail. It seems Cajuns are born with no bones in their legs and can bend them in impossible ways.

I met a lovely young lady outside of the gentleman’s club she worked at – she explained to me the difference between a gentleman’s club and a strip bar. I asked, “Do you dance and take off all your clothes?” She said, “Yes.” I really didn’t understand the difference between the two…. I had the best BBQ I’ve ever eaten at “Saucy’s” on Magazine Street – melt in your mouth ribs, so good!

I finally got to eat a Beignet at Cafe du Monde! It was a great sounding, French-chocolate, strawberry, whipped cream dessert…. Surprise! It is a deep-fried puff ball smothered in powdered sugar – NOT what I expected, but awfully good anyway. We had so much fun in New Orleans its been hard to get my motivation back up to speed – Well, I’ll keep at it!

-Wit Waltman

E-gad! I almost forgot the statistics – 1584 restaurants, 668 bars listed – the number of strip-clubs was hard to find, but it looks like around 25 just on Bourbon Street.



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