Not Football Again!

I graduated from college at one of those big football schools. We were national champions several times. I lived across the street from the football stadium. It held 82,112 football fans, and wasn’t even the top ten for large stadiums. It did however hold more people than the Roman Coliseum.

I would walk past the stadium as I went to school every day. I noticed a large percentage of the football players went into the stadium every day, and I never saw them on campus taking classes. I asked a P.E. jock what was up with that. She said, “Oh, you don’t know? They get special classes in there because they are too dumb to take the classes we take.” That was a shock to me, but no surprise when I found the article by Sara Gacin at – 18 percent of college football and basketball players read at an elementary school level. Reading specialist Mary Willinghan says she had to help one student athlete read his own news clips, and taught another one to sound out words like Wis-con-sin.

Why do these kids get into college?

They are very talented athletes, but some of them are not so smart. It all comes down to money. The top money making college football team in the country is the Texas Longhorns. In 2013 with an 8 and 4 record they brought in 139 million dollars. For that kind of money a top athlete wouldn’t have to read at all. Maybe that’s why the football plays are drawn as diagrams instead of written out. Food for thought….

What was my college teams motto? Football, the best players’ money can buy – even if they can’t read.

-Wit Waltman



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