Hugh Hefner is one of America’s greatest yogis.

Hef has been a focused free-spirit for over 60 years. He has stuck to his guns, no matter which way conventional morality has swung.

Hef has stayed the middle-path and has been a champion of our first amendment rights – while others have been trying to erode them away. He has been a proponent of gay marriage long before it was popular. To quote Hef, “A fight for gay marriage is a fight for all of our rights.”

He is a philanthropist and works closely with animal rescue groups. He has also worked to help liberalize our archaic drug laws.

Hugh graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana Campus in1949 with a Major in Psychology and a Minor in Creative Writing and Art.

Hefner’s now famous publication first came out in December 1953 with a marvelous, tasteful pictorial of Marilyn Monroe. He is the originator of the free love movement, long before hippies were ever heard of. Hugh has brought the glorification of the human form to light in a similar, grand-style of the ancient Greeks. He has helped us break out of our strangely restrictive puritanical thinking about love, sex, and the pursuit of pleasure and all things good and fun.

Thank you Hugh Hefner – the world needs more free thinkers and doers like you (and your net worth is between 45 and 54 million dollars to boot!)

I Salute You!

-Wit Waltman

PS Thank you Randy Cassingham for your enlightened reading material that inspired this article! Check out what Randy does at www.ThisIsTrue.com !

Hugh Hefner


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