Boy Scouts

It’s that time of year again… here come the Girl Scout cookies. These cuties were standing outside of Wal-Mart on Saturday, in a 40mph wind, selling their wares. I succumbed to a box of Thin Mints and one of Doe-si-does. What a treat – and all for $4 each.

When I was a kid, I couldn’t wait to join the Boy Scouts at 11 years old. I was a Cub Scout and couldn’t wait to be with the big boys so they could teach me how to light fires, cook food over them, and all of these other wonderful camping skills I was going to learn….

Imagine my surprise when I joined Troop 5 at our church and realized I was a Tender Foot – the equivalent to a Private in the Army. Instead of helping me, I was looked down upon as the bottom-of-the-totem-pole. The older boys teased me, along with the other new kids. They stole my flashlight and put my new hatchet into a block of wood with the leather case on, ruining it.

My revenge was seeing the scout leader’s son, who was the meanest of them all (go figure), throwing up after trapping, cooking, and then eating a chipmunk. It was a wonderful sight indeed.

The Boy Scouts turned out to be a paramilitary organization – complete with hazing and humiliation, all perpetuated by the Scout Leaders themselves.

It was no surprise to me when I found out about the Boy Scout perversion files. The files contain 14,500 pages of incidences of sexual perversion carried out by scout leaders over the years. It has been kept a secret by the Boy Scouts of America – without alerting law enforcement. These files are riddled with suspected sexual molesters, preying on the very children they are supposed to teach character too.

Boy Scouts builds character all right – supplying millions of kids with a miserable time in the process.

-Wit Waltman


Special thanks to Joline Krueger of the Albuquerque Journal for bringing this article to my attention, the reference for this story.




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