The Book of Mormon

I can admit that I have lived in Colorado for some time now, inhabiting the Western Slope. We are all about camo, hunting, big trucks, guns, and minding our own business. Those other people, on the Eastern Slope, are all about making the big bucks, suits, and shoes with tassels on them. Over here we have two six-packs of beer, per person, to watch the Broncos play. Over there they sip on white wine purchased in a bottle, not from a carton – see the difference?

I ventured over to Denver a while back to see the musical “The Book of Mormon”. It was “Duck Dynasty” goes to the “Big City”. The musical was HILARIOUS – and poked great fun at a not so mainstream religion.

There are 6 million Mormons in the United States – that’s 1.9% of the population – hardly a statistic. They say they believe in Jesus as their savior, but have a new message in “The Book of Mormon” to guide them also – this information was given to Joseph Smith on Golden Tablets he dug up in his backyard…

The book was published as “The Book of Mormon” in 1829 – when Smith was 29 years old. Where ever Smith went, he caused quite a stir. Smith ordered a printing-press destroyed, owned by people who were going to write an expose on his power over people and the practice of polygamy – Reminiscent of Jesus throwing out the money changers and pissing off the high Jewish Priests.

Anyway, an angry mob killed Joseph Smith in his jail cell – so much for religious tolerance and freedom of expression. You know the rest – Brigham Young and gang go off to Salt Lake to set up the big temple and world head-quarters for the Mormon faith.

Some people say that Joseph Smith was a religious imposter – How can that be? Anyone with Golden Tablets can certainly set up a religion. Where are those Golden Tablets anyway?

I’d like to see them.

-Wit Waltman

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