“America is all about speed – hot, nasty, badass speed.”

-Eleanor Roosevelt, 1936

I have a greater respect for Eleanor now – wow, what a quote!

There are 255 million cars registered in the U.S. – I own a bunch of them myself.

As a kid, I was groomed to be an auto-mechanic. My uncle and grandpa were both auto-mechanics – and from about 12 on, every birthday and Christmas I got different tools for my mechanics tool box.

Thus, because of my own growing collection, I assumed every kid I knew could work on cars – yet, as I grew up, I realized most guys don’t even know where the dip-stick was. Imagine my surprise at finding out that most people couldn’t even check the oil on these much cherished machines.

So, I guess that’s where the term “he’s such a dip-stick” comes from – meaning one who can’t check the oil level on a car, or just a complete numbskull. Which goes right along with “he’s a tool” – one who doesn’t know where his tool belongs (or, for that matter, goes).

Grandpa and uncle were Chevy mechanics. So, to this day, I drive Chevy’s – the superior cars. By the way… I’m OVER-STOCKED on Corvette’s right now if you, or anyone you know, are in the market for a badass, American machine – let me know – I got a red, mint-condition 1987 FOR SALE.

Moving on from my detour – Then there’s the Ford people… .. . those other guys driving the inferior vehicles. I can’t believe they’re still in business – Oh well, not everyone can get it right.

-Wit Waltman

FORD Repair


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  1. I grew up in a Chevy household too. Swore I’d never own a Ford after sitting in the backseat of an early Mustang. But, I’m married to a Ford man. We all have our weaknesses and shortcomings. I’ll love him anyway.

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