Giving of Thanks

Gobble, Gobble. Well, we made it through Thanksgiving. I was very excited to have had two humongous full-blown Thanksgiving feasts. I was bragging about it to my friends. And, of course, Matt C. says he had three feasts – two in one day. Isn’t that the beans, upstaged again!

How about those Pilgrims landing at Plymouth Rock, what a great story. The crossing from England took 65 days with one crew member and one passenger dying in transit. They sighted land on November 9, 1620, but didn’t go ashore for two weeks – except for small exploratory parties. By December most of the crew and passengers had become ill and 50% of them died over the winter. When the Pilgrims encountered the local inhabitants, they shot arrows at them and ran away. As they had encountered tourists before, it wasn’t a pretty sight ending in death and disease for the locals.

So where’s the feast with the over-joyed inhabitants spreading the love with the Pilgrims? Gee, I guess it didn’t happen that way. All that dress-up I had to do in grade school – one year playing the turkey, one year playing the local guy with a feather in my hair, etc… Fooled again by the need to create a holiday and sell lots of turkeys to lots of turkeys. Don’t worry, Christmas is coming and I’m sure that story will turn out a whole lot better. By the way, Christmas has a cajillion songs and Thanksgiving doesn’t have any that I remember.

So here goes…. Use 4 beat time for this one:

“We’re the Pilgrims. We came from England to be free from something.

We brought thunder sticks to shoot at people we didn’t like.

We killed off the indigenous people with the plague and smallpox.

We are so happy to be here, pass the turkey.”

Thank you Wikipedia for setting me straight.

-Wit Waltman


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  1. The message I get here is to keep on moving so you don’t die! Turkeys keep moving and live. Pilgrims keep moving and don’t die much. Indigenous people keep moving and avoid tourist to live. Ok. Off I go! Gotta keep moving. :~)

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